The Journal of Gen Isaiah Whatipu

Painstakingly Handwritten & Illustrated

Price: $ 1,595.00


Limited Edition Original. 

Only 33 Copies Available Worldwide. Each Original Copy Signed and Numbered with a Certificate of Authenticity.

The story within is of General Isaiah Whatipu, the last remaining Kiwi field commander. It contains his life story, his loves, his family, his battles, and the rich and wonderful history of Birdlandia, his beloved country.

It is penned on the eve of the climatic Battle of the Black Sands; a battle he will not survive, as he and his few remaining soldiers are over-run by the formidable Weasel and Stoat Armies.

All that survives is his Journal; a poignant and powerful testament in ink. The story of the Last Kiwi.

 This beautiful, one-of-a-kind, Journal is completely handwritten and illustrated by Stu Duval in sepia ink.
Each Journal is a work of art and all 33 are identical inasmuch as the variabilities of handwritten text, and hand-drawn illustration allow.

(This of course adds to the unique end-product ...every Journal is the same, but different!)

The Journal’s are all hand bound by an artisan book-binder with aged leather and wonderfully textured parchment paper.

Each Journal comes with hand-made hard-board case.

Included with the Journal are handwritten letters, postcards, photo’s and an A3 Limited Edition Map of Birdlandia printed on archival 300gsm paper suitable for framing. All hand crafted.


As each Journal is a work of art, allow 14 days from
time of purchase to delivery. 

If required sooner please contact Stu directly. 

Size: 150mm x 220mm

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