Last Kiwi Story of a Paradise Lost
Last Kiwi Story of a Paradise Lost
Last Kiwi Story of a Paradise Lost

This is the story of Birdlandia, set like a jewel in the Southern Seas, and of the Birds who populate its tranquil island, most notably the Kiwi. Peace-loving and industrious by nature they fill their days farming Moa, making tussock whisky and dancing beneath the silver moon to the sound of a seven string fiddle.

That is until capricious eyes settle on their green and pleasant land. In distant Weaslepotamia, where smog shrouds the industrial smokestacks and the only green is the scum on the sewer lake, the Weasels eye verdant Birdlandia with lustful envy. The rapacious Emperor, Carthigen VII, plots to invade and colonise her. And so, on a spring morn in early 1862, the Weasel Armada, together with their Stoat collaborators, arrive off the beach of Tussock Nipple in Birdlandia.

The Invasion has begun!

The Kiwi and their Bird allies take up desperate arms to repel them. Yet this proves to be an impossible task. For three arduous years they fight on, leaving only the graves of their dead on the blistered battlefields of Birdlandia. All hope is lost when the Weasel and Stoat Confederation are joined by the ravenous Rat Mercenary Army.

One final encounter, The Battle of the Black Sands, will determine the Kiwi fate. Outnumbered and overwhelmed they wait the dawns coming from atop Lion Rock. Below them the massed infantry of the Confederation gather in all their might.

That night, on the eve of the fateful battle, General Isaiah Whatipu, the last of the Kiwi battlefield commanders, takes up his pen and writes a desperately poignant memoir in his battered army Journal.

He writes of his loves, his family, his history, his beloved Birdlandia .. on and on into the black night, until at dawns first flush he is finished. Entrusting this precious trove to his aide de camp he orders that it be taken through the enemy lines to his wife Rivulette. Then he lays down his pen and picks up his sword.

He and his brave few will become forever known as .. The Last Kiwi.

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